The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients


The 9 Best Ketogenic Diet Ingredients

– The 2 principles of the best keto ingredients
– The best ketogenic diet ingredients
– The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto)

Today I’m going to share with you the best ketogenic diet ingredients. If you’re wondering what to eat on keto, or you want to start cooking some new keto recipes, this video is for you.

This list of keto ingredients is based on two things:

1. Low-carb
2. Nutrient-dense

The best ketogenic diet ingredients:

1. Shellfish
Main benefits: zinc, selenium, iodine, chromium, DHA

2. Wild-caught salmon
Main benefits: DHA, EPA

3. Leafy greens
Main benefits: potassium, magnesium, vitamin C

4. Sardines
Main benefits: DHA, EPA

5. Organic pasture-raised eggs
Main benefit: loaded with vitamins

6. Cruciferous vegetables
Main benefit: phytonutrients

7. Avocados
Main benefit: healthy fats

8. Extra virgin organic olives/olive oil

9. Grass-fed grass-finished beef

The worst keto ingredients (dirty keto):

1. Corn
Most corn is GMO

2. Yogurt
Contains a lot of sugar

3. Commercial chicken
Is processed and fed grains

4. Processed meat
Contains nitrates, hidden sugar, may contain MSG, is not grass-fed

5. Processed cheese
Is processed and not grass-fed

6. Spinach
Is loaded with oxalates

7. Nuts (almonds)
Almonds are loaded with oxalates

8. Vegetable oils
Are typically GMO

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Not all keto foods are actually healthy. Here are the best ketogenic diet ingredients that will help keep you happy and healthy.



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  1. Crazy Dr. Berg. Thanks so v much, dude. Down 55 pounds and stayed that way, and no more high blood pressure either, all thanks to you. Lifechanging stuff in so much of your work.

  2. I’ve been flowing your keto diet for one week. I honestly feel wonderfully calm, my brain chatter and worry has really subdued. When I’m told something that used to make my stomach sort of jump, has gone. And I’ve lost 5lbs. I can’t thank you enough for your videos. xxx

  3. It’s hard to believe that you put all of this content out for free. This is premium stuff too. Incredible to find a really good doctor who is also a great teacher and cares so much about people getting well. God bless you and Mrs Berg!

    • I agree, I just discovered Dr. Berg and I think he’s a special person to share this all for free to help people get healthy. Thank you Dr. Berg I haven’t seen many of your youtubes yet but I will be going thru many of them….right now getting into KETO and intermittant fasting. I have a tendency to eat to many carbs and snack. I will try to follow your program faithfully. WITH MUCH GRATITUDE FOR YOUR GENEROSITY & KINDNESS! A new groupie!

  4. When I lived in rural France, after picking wild-grown blueberries, we’d stop at a small farm and buy a dozen or two of eggs. The chickens ran around their yard and the taste was incredible. By the way, France has the best health care system on the planet!

  5. Thank you for this video. I must say I will continue eating chicken, almonds and cheese! The way I see it I’ve made a huge improvement by going keto, but I’m not an athlete so I’m not too bothered if the animal was corn-fed for example. Based on his reasons I understand why others would avoid them though.

    • I’m more concerned with the GMOs in corn and grain. GMOs can negatively affect your hormones whether you’re an athlete or not. But you are doing good by being keto, and if you’re doing fine, no worries.

  6. As much as I like the depth in which you cover the principles of keto, obesity and IF. I feel overwhelmed with amount of changes needed. And even with making most changes to healthy keto the quality of product seems impossible to achieve in the given budget. Organic, grass fed non commercial food in long term ends up being stress on the grocery bill especially if you have a large family to feed.
    Not everyone can shop at whole foods.

    • The thing is: Just start; do the IF from the beginning; Pick you Highest Health Problem and work on that for 3 mos.; then bring in your next Highest Problem and so on. 1. You will be Eating Less BUT be more healthfully satisfied and a Smaller Grocery Bill and 2. Your Health should improve so much over time that many extra expenses, medications, expensive Junk Food will be Greatly Reduced, especially the Junk Food (which is Not Cheap either). It is a Journey but it must begin without hesitation and Allow your body to respond and heal Over Time. Blessings on your Success!

  7. Day 4 for me. Just found your videos yesterday. Will be a Cling-on now. I did not understand the IF and did 16 hours so will do 20 tomorrow. Now I understand why I had issues with stalls and slow loss when I did this a couple of years ago. I ate too many nuts, Greek yogurt too frequently and too much cheese. I am excited to move forward. Bless you for these videos, Dr. Berg. 🌈

  8. Both the oxalates from the spinach and the ones from the almonds can be highly reduce when you cook them. So if you steam the spinach or toast the almonds I think there will be no problem in that regard.

  9. I knew that too much spinach could cause kidney stones but didn’t know that if you eat it with cheese the calcium would stop that! Good to know Dr. Berg. I love cooked and raw spinach.

  10. Wow! I’ve been doing KETO for almost two years (with your help❤️) and I don’t remember hearing about the spinach or almonds. I have arthritis in my hips; so, no more almonds. Will start eating macadamias. Thank you again for another great video!!

  11. I consider Dr Berg’s advice one of the best knowledge in nutrition to follow. He is so clear, kind and very professional

  12. This is why fasting is more friendly for me. I just avoid starchy and junk food but I don’t have to list foods to avoid like this when Im on my feeding hour.

  13. Great basic tips Dr. Berg thank you! I am going to continue having organic free range chicken occasionally which is a nice addition to salads. I enjoy Raw organic free range grass-fed dairy daily which includes: raw cream, butter, cheddar and kefir from our local dairy. Dairy is my daily favorite keto friendly fat/protien and works perfect for me. I rarely have almonds, but if so, they are organic, soaked and peeled. The rest is easy and basically a no-brainer for anyone that’s been doing this for a while. I’m personally practicing intermittent fasting as well as intermittent-ketosis, which is what works best for me. 4-5 days in ketosis then 2-3 days out while enjoying some fruit, paleo pancakes maple syrup and raw milk. It only takes about 30 hours for me to be back burning ketones again and I feel the carbs and a keto brake is very beneficial for my personal health. I believe women respond differently to ketosis than men and need to add in a couple of carb days.

    • @S R everyone is diiferent, different situations for some, some must go extra strict, some not so much, I have some psoriasis so mine is pretty strict, urs prolly not

    • @feelmd ks The U.S. produces 80% of the entire world’s pecans. And of all the states that grow them, GA is the largest producer, and therefore the leading authority on pecan. So no, not weird at all.
      I wouldn’t get uptight if a native of Bordeaux that grew up tending a vineyard pointed out the local pronunciation of a wine….

    • Yes, he’ll put the healthiest foods on a bad list for one reason or another. Now nuts and spinach are bad? This is not a worst kidney stone list. It’s a worst keto ingredient list. So for only those people who are at risk of getting kidney stones, avoid it, but in general it’s not a “worst” ingredient. And if it’s just almonds that are bad, why also put the word “nuts”. He says nuts, focuses on almonds, and shows a stock photo of a variety of nuts…that’s confusing. As is the photo of carrots and tomatoes when talking about cruciferous veggies. And I have seen beef in many stores that say “grass fed” but I’ve never seen “grass finished”. Where does he think we shop?

    • @Ellen Rittgers I always felt the same way, until I planted a garden and atleast got my veggies from just cheap packs of seeds, although it is time consuming and hard labor, but just think of it as exercise, I know it’s not everything you need, but it’s a majority of what you need, and if you live in a city and can’t plant a garden,there are really neat ways of being able to to plant a garden vertically,hope this helps 🙏

  14. Thank you for all your help. A true doctor. May Allah reward you in this life and in the next eternal life for all the good things you are doing on earth. Ameen. Thank you Dr. Eric Berg.

  15. It’s great to have the best information, which Dr. Berg is great at providing, so that you’re familiar with the best practices, but even if you can’t afford grass fed and grass finished meat for example, just do the best you can, and don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. I think it’s most important to broadly apply ketogenic principles to your diet, and to do what you can.

  16. Thank you for adding at least a decade in my life Dr. Berg with all changes for diet suggested which I’ve adopted and have make a huge difference on my living quality (even impacted my expenses with food). My forever gratitude!

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