Ketogenic Diet – Can I Eat Oatmeal on Keto? – Dr. Berg on Ketogenic Diet


Ketogenic Diet –  Can I Eat Oatmeal on Keto? – Dr. Berg on Ketogenic Diet

Dr. Berg talks about oatmeal on a ketogenic diet. There are two types of oatmeal, you have unrefined (steal cut) versus instant. The glycemic index of steal cut is 55 and instant oatmeal is 83, pretty high and if you add sugar to it – you raise it even higher.

If you are trying to lose weight, we recommend NOT consuming oatmeal because it could interfere with your fat burning.

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  1. Been eating whole grain rolled oats and occasionally steel cut nearly every day. Lost 45lbs since October. I find keto fascinating which is how I found Dr.Berg but it’s not the only way to eat healthy and lose weight.

  2. Dr. Berg, a humble request on behalf of most of the south Asians, Rice has been our staple food for ages. And it’s honestly very difficult to get over rice all of a sudden. Could you please make a video taking the average south Asian diet into consideration? For people who’d like to start intermittent fasting/keto?

    • He made a video called (… why chinese so thin) something like that, you could also use cauliflower rice or other keto rice substitutes

  3. Your video truly brought me joy. I’m tall and lean and do not wish to lose weight. I’m starting keto to see if it’ll help with my adhd as well as chronic absent mindedness from a past trauma, that is ruining relationships. Thank you, your information will make it easier for me to sustain this lifestyle once I find my bearings in ketosis.

    • @Sayedero Enitan I’m sorry I missed this! I ended up mixing 1 part riced cauliflower with one part oatmeal!

      The difference that I noticed is that I “eat to live” rather than I “live to eat” I did not quite understand that concept until I a few months after intermittent fasting I felt like I wasn’t “starving” anymore.

      With that said I’m a lot more patient which my family has noticed. I’m looking into more forms of therapy to help develop my tool kit as I work through my past trauma, but to answer your question, yes, Keto has helped me.

    • @CheeseMcCheese I did leave an answer! Thank you for reminding me about this post! I’m wishing you both warm and safe travels on our journey for healthy mental and physical well-being.

  4. I think that we are all very different. I lost 11 kilos in four weeks on a very low-carb “diet”, but I ate a whole cupful of oats every day for breakfast. It kept me full for up to seven, eight or even nine hours, thus cutting down the need to eat or snack, and helping me personally to lose weight, and I have now reached my weight goal after a further two kilos weight loss. I was brought up on the stuff in Scotland. It is correct, though, that it is not so good as far as its glycaemic index is concerned. My next blood test will tell. By the way, love your channel, and am a new subscriber.

    • @Anonymous Anonymous I can only see a comment which says that oatmeal helped them to stay full for that length of time, which in turn helped them stop snacking, which in turn helped them with weight loss. I haven’t been able to locate the part where the original poster stated that they considered seven hours to be a fast. Perhaps you could provide a link to a screenshot of that part for us simple-minded twelve year olds.

  5. It definitely helps in regular elimination. You can eat savory oats by adding some veggies if you don’t want fruit. It helps in lowering cholesterol because it binds the fat and flushes out.

  6. Thank you for the video Dr. Berg! Don’t you think if fat (butter or coconut oi) is added to the steel cut oats that it might improve and lower the glycemic response? I have noticed that eating oats is very good for connective tissues like skin, tendons, ligaments and hair, I think it’s highly nutritious in that regard. Thanks again to you and your wife for all your help with these great videos. ❤️😉👍

  7. I don’t do keto but I’m having success on 18/6 fasting (2 meals daily).
    I love my oatmeal and Vegemite on toasted pumpkin seed 9 grain bread so much it’s always my first meal of the day @ 11am or 12pm. IF allows us to be healthy for the foreseeable future without fad diets and calorie counting.

  8. Oatmeal – wholesome and healthy, the kind of fibre the body needs. Just prepare it with water.
    Despite losing weight, keto constipated me and I also struggled to fall asleep and concentrate. My body never got used to it. Maybe it’s not for everyone. As soon as I went back to my daily bowl of porridge I felt strong and healthy again. Moderation is key. Unlike sugar and salt, oatmeal is not poison. My diet is very low in carbs, contains no sugar at all (except the odd whole fruit), but without oatmeal how am I supposed to detox? I fast a lot too but it’s not enough.

  9. Excellent answer. Thank you Dr Berg. I’m doing healthy keto with intermittent fasting for 3 weeks now. I’ve lost 15 lbs and I have more energy than I’ve had in decades. Dr Berg’s advice has changed my life completely.

  10. Your videos have a literally changed my life! I can’t thank you enough for all that you do and all the information you put out so freely. You are a kind person to help so many thank you thank you thank you

  11. Best substitute I’ve found for oatmeal yet: chia pudding. It doesn’t take any cooking. You make it overnight in the fridge. Can heat it up in the microwave for a hot breakfast.
    This is how I do it: In a pint jar, combine 3/4 cup hot water and 2 Tbsp whipping cream. Add the sweetener of your choice. Liquid stevia is great. A drop of vanilla, and a shake of salt. Stir it up.
    Then add 3 Tbsp of chia seeds, while stirring. Allow to sit on countertop for about 1/2 hour, while you’re washing dishes, etc. Stir it every few minutes, so it doesn’t settle to the bottom. Then cover tightly and set in the fridge overnight. Next morning, you can pop it into your lunchbox, or heat it up in the microwave, or just eat it like a tapioca pudding, as is. SO DELICIOUS!
    As for nutrition, chia seeds are amazing! They’re not only very low-carb, but also extremely high in Omega-3 fatty acids, and very low in the Omega-6’s. Which means it does the opposite of all the bad things oatmeal does to you! It will lower inflammation, help your heart health, and also give you lots of the best fiber you can get.

  12. You are so wonderful for freely giving your advice like this. I would like to thank you for that, Dr. Berg. I for one, truly appreciate it.

  13. Before I workout in the morning (I do really intense sessions) I’ll have some steel cut oatmeal but I add an egg white, tsp of BP, tiny bit of almond milk and some blackberries to sweeten it, nothing else. I find that I’m fuller for a lot longer and I still have energy even after my workout. I am trying to lose weight, so I only consume carbs in the morning before exercising. I noticed if I do a keto breakfast without carbs, then I’m starving after the gym.

  14. Dr. Berg,
    I’m eating two meals a day. I eat oatmeal once in awhile. Im finally losing weight. Im training hard in the gym. I been off of diabetes medication for over 7 years now, through diet and exercise. I have hypothyroidism now. Thank you for helping me with your advice. I’m very happy 😃
    I been eating oatmeal and still getting weight loss. I think most importantly it’s the snacks we consume between meals raises insulin. So I’m being careful about everything I buy. Nutrition bars are full of sugar! I eat less fruit too. Thank you so much 😊
    From Hawaii
    I feel like I won the lottery! I’m a single mom. I been training very hard in the gym. Health is important to me ♥️

  15. After having diarrhea for 2 days, from eating too many greens for a month and then upping my bile to cope with it, even consuming berries and yogurt to no avail; it was the small handful of organic rolled oats that I added and let soak in my yogurt for 2 hours that started the healing in my gut. It is a great pre-biotic and cleanser if soaked and eaten in small amounts.

  16. I have oatmeal before working out and it gives the right amount of energy for my intense sessions 🤷‍♀️ add some blueberries or strawberry and some sliced almonds and it’s something to die for 😍

  17. I’ve lost 50 lbs and I eat plain instant oatmeal with berries and eggs everyday for breakfast , I’m not on a keto diet just low carb

  18. I swear you are a wizard!!! Everytime i ask myself a question about the ketogenic diet you post a video about it. This is kind or scary 😂 but thank you for the answer.

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