How Much Zinc is Too Toxic?


How Much Zinc is Too Toxic? Dr Berg

Zinc is crucial for the immune system, but how much is too much zinc? Find out.

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of zinc. Zinc can be very beneficial. If you’re trying to support your immune system, zinc is crucial. But, it is possible to have too much zinc. If you take large amounts of zinc over a short period of time, there shouldn’t be an issue. But, if you take large amounts over a long period of time, this could create a copper deficiency.

Copper deficiency symptoms:
• Nausea
• Vomiting
• Pain
• Diarrheal
• High LDL
• Low HDL
• Swayback
• Anemia
• Paleness
• Decreased appetite
• Irritability
• Fatigue
• Problems building collagen

Zinc and copper work together. If you have too much zinc, you can deplete copper. When you take zinc, it may be beneficial to take copper with it, as well as all of the trace minerals together. This way, you don’t have to worry about a deficiency.

An example of an extremely high amount of zinc would be if you were to take about 300mg for several weeks.

Typically, if you have a lung issue, you may want to take 225mg of zinc along with copper and trace minerals. If you were to take below 100mg of zinc, you could be fine to continue taking it for a longer period of time.

Although there is a such thing as zinc toxicity in large amounts, many people are actually deficient in zinc. The body doesn’t retain zinc, so it’s important to consume foods that contain zinc. You want to think about the amount of zinc you’re getting, and also consider taking it with copper and trace minerals.

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand how much zinc is too much zinc.


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  1. Thank you Dr Berg for this much needed valuable information. I was diagnosed with “something like rheumatoid arthritis” by rheumatologist or “something like it” never took the medication they prescribed I was afraid of the side effects. Have suffered with much inflammation until recently when I came across Dr Berg’s videos and taking zinc and Vit D3 40k iu, this is making a difference for me. Thank God and Dr Berg for giving him the wisdom and courage to post all this info, May God richly bless him and his famiky 🙏💕

    • Good choice 👍🏼 I have also RA systems but I don’t take those prescription med can damage my liver.

      I started to take D3 and fish oil together. And didn’t know about k2 now I am taking k2. Drinking celery and lemon spinach juice everyday and I add one gold kiwi on my diet. Food is the key like Dr. Berg said. 😊

  2. Eric, I’ve been following a number of your videos, and something I have been picking up on, that I never thought about until now, is that there seems to be a balancing act between pairs of elements in the human body. You’ve mentioned the Magnesium/Calcium pair, and the Copper/Zinc pair. So I’m wondering if you have done a video yet that lists and explains all the pair relationships? I think it could be enormously helpful to understand this concept and how to balance them all properly. Thanks.

  3. Dr. Berg, you just articulated EXACTLY what I have been preaching for two years!! We have to build up our IMMUNE SYSTEMS!!! Thanks for this!!!

  4. Tried different Zinc supplements and I felt terrible headaches and bone pain. Recently I decided to add GNC zinc picolinate with copper and I feel great. No headaches or whatever. I take it with my vitamin d3 and vitamin c. Game changer! 🙏 Thank you Dr Berg!

    • @Kirstin Strand hell yeah Kristin that’s the combo!!!! I love that your 75 and in great health. What else do you do to stay fit?

    • @Jimmy I thought the recommended dosage for zinc is 41mg for adult males , can I know is that safe to take daily 50mg ?

      I’m 30 if that matters

    • @Cantaloupe Guadalupe yes sir I breaks a 50 mg tablet in half and take 25mg in the morning then another 25mg in the evening. Also 10,000 iu and 2000 vitamin C

    • @Jimmy you take zinc with food? And you take breaks of take them or is always? I was worry to take zinc 50mg cause I read that is to much but your tip of cutting in half is awesome 🙏🏻! And how much vitamin c you still taking?

  5. Thank you Dr Berg for the free classes about the immune system. I am auto-immune with Ulcerative Colitis and I’m hoping the course will be as clear and straightforward as your other videos. You have been so helpful for my sister and I. We say thank you sir from Ontario, Canada!

  6. Thanks so much, Dr. Berg! I learned a lot from your videos and have applied your health advices on myself and shared with my family and friends. Praying for you and your family. You are a great blessing.

    • my family and friends seem completely uninterested, they are only enamored with main stream media, everything else is crazy nonsense

    • If I were to do a study on Covid vaccines, I would start with gathering data on Leaky Gut Syndrome or Gut Health. With many people uneducated about overall health and poor eating habits…there is likely poor Gut health. Are there studied being conduct on microbiomes in the Digestive Tract? Something to consider since there are many reactions to these vaccines.

  7. Dr. Berg, you are a wonderful person as well as a great doctor. You are truly passionate about good health and I wanted to let you know that I, for one, appreciate it!

  8. I contracted Covid-19 last month and took 18 different supplements and knocked it out in 12 days and had what physicians considered to be mild symptoms even though I was scared out of my wits the entire 12 days until my fever broke. I had low grade fever, lost sense of taste for 4 days, mild cough, and rapid heart rate if I just got up to go to the restroom or take a shower. It was definitely nerve wracking, but I am in very good health for being 55 years of age and I am also in the health industry as a health coach with a background in functional medicine as well. Anyways, the main supplements I took were 60mg to 100mg of ionic zinc per day combined with 500mg of quercetin phytosome. Quercetin acts as a zinc ionophore which transports zinc into the cell. Vitamin D3/K2 is also very important. Check your levels and make sure they are above 30ng/mL because people with levels below this tend to have a difficult time with Covid and studies show that all the people with levels below 10ng/mL had one thing in common which was death. I will list my protocol if anyone is interested. I believe it helped me recover without this virus taking over my lungs and causing a cytokine storm.

  9. Hello Dr. Berg. good to find you on YouTube. I am impressed by all the valuable information you have been providing on Facebook and have shared it with my contacts. I am very much interested to learn more about the subject of immunity. Thank you for all you do.

  10. Respect!!💕
    Thank you Dr. Berg for your videos and your imput in these times of unsurity.
    You truly care about the content and helping others.
    GOD bless you.

    • I’ve often said anyone going through medical school would do themselves a great service by watching ( and archiving ) all of Dr. Bergs videos.

  11. As someone with copd and Addisons disease i can honestly say that Dr Bergs advice is by far the best. boosting your immune system is the best protection from the viruses and illnesses that we deal with. I have taken his advice and defo feel alot better im my body and my mind. A big thankyou to Dr Berg…

  12. Good stuff! You are doing what all good healthcare professionals should be doing by promoting a strong immune system and good health.

    • @Jim .Zuzukiz nope no mistake. While I watch his videos and I find them educative and interesting , there is still an infinite difference between being a proper doctor and someone who learned things for himself. I don’t know how valid his certificate is so I wouldn’t recommend someone to follow him blindly.

    • @E W what you are says is illogical. People haven’t found yet a way to be immortal yet. Doctor no need to worry about new income of costumers, because everyone of us eventually die and before dying we would have health issues that leads us there. You never sit down and break down the phrase you used. You just heard it somewhere, thought it is catchy and started using it yourself.

    • @Cp W I am wondering the same thing. You see, people with partial knowledge can be dangerous: will cause harm to himself or other.
      How i wish Dr.Berg will give a “complete” info..

    • @Cp W yes it is. I developed not just a copper deficiency.. but an iron one because zinc competes with both and wins in the digestive system.. im off zinc for now. definitely wouldnt take 100.. or 200 ever.. I was taking 50, plus a multi that had 10 i think and that messed me up. Keep in mind, I took it daily for years

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