23 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting & One Meal A Day – Dr. Berg On OMAD Diet


Intermittent Fasting

23 Benefits of Intermittent Fasting & One Meal A Day – Dr. Berg On OMAD Diet.

Check out the incredible benefits of OMAD (one meal a day) fasting.

– OMAD (One Meal A Day)
– What is OMAD?
– OMAD benefits

In this video, I want to cover the 23 benefits of OMAD (One Meal A Day) intermittent fasting. OMAD is a type of intermittent fasting where you’re doing 23 hours of fasting and 1 hour of eating every day. It’s easy to set this up around a social event or around dinner, and it has a lot of amazing potential health benefits.

The benefits of OMAD:

1. Save money
2. Save time
3. Improves digestion
4. Improves immunity
5. Promotes autophagy
6. Live longer
7. No hunger
8. No more cravings
9. Better skin
10. Increased energy
11. Increased mood
12. Increased cognitive function
13. Decreased inflammation
14. Decreased blood pressure
15. Decreased heart disease
16. Improved dementia
17. Decreased risk of diabetes and insulin resistance
18. Decreased risk of fatty liver
19. Turning your body into a fat-burning machine (especially losing belly fat)
20. Improves self-discipline
21. Improves your muscles
22. Fixes a slow metabolism
23. Mental clarity

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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand OMAD and the amazing potential benefits of OMAD (One Meal A Day).



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  1. On OMAD + Keto for 4 months, first two weeks were rough, then mind bliss – productivity & mood improved significantly – also eliminating the hassle & stress of constant meal prepping is another game changer, regret not doing this in my 20’s.

  2. Over the past 15 years OMAD had been the only effective way around my dopamine driven binge eating disorder caused by my adhd

    • Do you have a video to reference the relationship between adhd and dopamine and their effects leading to poor coping mechanisms?

    • Same. I also got ADHD and suddenly developed binge eating habits, I quickly stopped and switched to OMAD. It’s easier to avoid overeating on OMAD. I started 3 months ago.

  3. The part he said about resetting your metabolic brain is so true. I was 241lb in March 2021, and started keto. In october 2021, i was 170 lbs. I stopped keto but continued OMAD and now I am 142lbs.

  4. Im 61 years old and I just started OMAD around 4 days ago and I’m already noticing some of those benefits Eric mentioned. Still early yet and I’m still feeling little hunger but not massive which is a relief.I’m feeling more energetic as well. I will keep you all posted in future with the results.

  5. I’ve been doing OMAD for 9 months and have lost 30lbs. I feel all of these benefits. I struggled with ADD before and feel so much more focused and my mind feels clear. I eat whatever I want during my 1 hour window and still lost 30lbs.

    • I would imagine if you really watched what you ate during that one hour (low carb) you could achieve Ketosis
      If you’re mostly there already…why not take that final step into Keto?

  6. Love you Dr. Berg, I have been on OMAD for the last 4 months lost about 60 lbs and got in shape and never felt this great before

  7. Everything that Dr. Berg said is dead on accurate! Been doing this for 7 months and I lost 50 pounds! Losing slow, consistent and steady. I’m not starving and feel GREAT! I can tell that my digestive system appreciates it also. No bloating or belly fat and I sleep WELL! The best part is, I FEEL healthy! It’s sooooo easy to continue this for LIFE!

  8. Big thank you 🙏 from me Doc, I’m a type 2 diabetic, your videos gave me clarity, direction and motivation. In 3 months I’ve turned the clock back 23 years lost 6 inches off my waist 40lbs lighter and turned my diabetes into remission, and in another 6 months I will be off the medication and dietetic free … 🤗

  9. Finally I got someone who says what I was believing for so many year. I only eat once and I am totally okay. People kept telling me that I should eat three times a day and stuff… but I here I am and I am still going strong if not stronger

    • i’m the same … for over 35 years i’ve always eaten 1 meal a day … people react by either 1) saying it is ‘impossible’ and not believing me or 2) warning me that its not healthy and 3) claiming an early breakfast is the ‘best start to the day’ … but i truly believe that i have enjoyed the benefits listed by Dr Berg … plus, as i am sure you agree, food tastes so much better when mealtime comes around … just because my eating is restricted to a 2-3 hour window per day doesn’t mean i don’t love to eat!

  10. I started a fasting regime May 1 at the encouragement of a friend. I weighed 250. I’m type 2 and 62. I’m a landscaper so I’m physically active. I live in Raleigh and it’s summer. At first I did 16/8 and ate whatever I wanted but didn’t over eat. Then I extended to 18/6. At that point I realized I could do OMAD. The last few weeks I put MCT oil in my morning coffee and a smidge of Italian sweet cream.. I drink water through out the day but I don’t crave water(to remain hydrated you have to constantly drink) and I’ve added Dr Berg’s electrolyte powder to my other water bottle. I’m watching my carbs closely but I haven’t been overly rigid. I take all of the recommended supplements advocated for my condition and as suggested. I use Goli and CBD. I pretty much eliminated bread, soft drinks, lunch meats, sugar,and most sweets,chips(replaced by a handful of Brazil,pistachio,walnuts before a meal and sometimes dark chocolate covered nuts( small amount) for something chocolate.)and all snacking. I go out to eat at least once a week and eat what I want and have a mixed drink or two.
    Here are my observations,
    I’m not hungry. I do look forward to my evening meal and I try to be finished no later than 8 pm if not sooner. I eat good tasty food with a mixture of items. You will be surprised at how little you eat even going 20 plus hours. I’ve studied better nutrition for me so it’s NOT boring. Hardest thing has been including eggs more into my diet. I eat large salads several times a week but I add ample amounts of blackberry and other berries. Meat and fish,nutritional yeast but fried salad onions too. I drizzle some olive oil and dressing,heavy fresh pepper and pink salt.
    I’m not craving sweets or carbs at all. Since I’m not hungry I’m not snacking
    The Southern heat is NOT melting me whereas in the past it would. Removed the sugar.
    Aside from being 62 and doing physical work in the heat I feel great! My clothes are all loose on me( I’m a big guy) even tho I’ve only lost 15 pounds since starting. My target weight is 230(what I weighed 32.5 years ago when I got married) but my body is real happy now @235-240. I move like I’m half my age and have constant energy. My maleness issues have gone away and my wife is getting chased around the house again much to her chagrin. I will almost look forward to my next visit to the doctor. I know my numbers will be better!
    I could turbo what I’m doing but I’m fine and strangely I’m really enjoying this experiment. I do not feel deprived of anything food wise. I’m not missing any of the foods I’ve cut out. I’m not having any trouble getting back on routine when I cheat a meal. Even when I think I might eat earlier than planned I end up still getting most of a full fast in.
    Adding MCT may kill my fast but I don’t get hungry so I must be using my coffee concoction effectively for fuel throughout the day and I greatly enjoy my morning cup.
    I’m a foodie y’all. Waffle House is my favorite restaurant. I love to eat. But as my friend told me” you get an insulin response from anything and EVERY TIME you eat.” “ Your body needs time to rest from over working digesting food”.” Try fasting!” This may have been a life saver for me. Some years ago I read( and still reference) a book named “ The Four Hour Body” by Tim Ferris. That book resonated with me just like Dr Berg and others on YouTube have. Contemplate the information you watch here. Try it! Be steadfast bc it’s an investment in yourself!
    I eat 7 meals a week. I used to go to the grocery twice a week. My bill was up there bc even tho I was trying to eat better,junk still ended up in my cart. Now I save at the store and I don’t feel bad about what I spend on my “ dinner” night!
    I’m proud of myself for the discipline Ive adhered to. I’m not going backwards bc I’m enjoying all of this even if In not total keto.
    Lastly I want to thank Dr Berg(and the others advocating for us all here on YouTube) for their advice and encouragement. But I also want to thank everybody that posts. I read all of them and feel the camaraderie here!

    • Congratulations! I am 54 and am about 60 lbs overweight. In 2019 I lost 50 lbs in 5 months doing a meal replacement diet. I did fine until I started having digestive issues, including a kidney stone. So I stopped and watched what I ate until the lockdown. I don’t have to say anything further on that.
      Reading a lot of comments on ALL of Dr Berg’s videos has been helpful but your very detailed account has been OVER the top inspiring to me. I have an appointment this week to get on Phentermine, which I really didn’t want to do. I’m very into natural health typically.
      This has given me a lot to think about so thank you so much for your information!

  11. I quit breakfast and went to OMAD (one meal a day) and lost 15 pounds in three weeks. I couldn’t lose weight on two meals of keto intermittent fasting. I’m 71 and this was a miracle for me. I figured I was insulin resistant.

    • This might be true for me as well. I am currently doing two meals a day and my weight is kinda same. Definitely trying omad now.
      Great that you lost all the weight, that is awesome! 🙂👍

    • @JaneStorm When I see someone over weight and trying to lose weight, I wish I they could do OMAD. Our bodies aren’t designed to eat all day or eat because the clock says it’s time to eat. I regularly skip breakfast and dinner and don’t miss the stuffed feeling at all, especially the heartburn after the evening meal. It’s the best way to keep the weight off and feel healthy. (I’ll be 73 in a few weeks. Anyone can do this.)

    • Wow that’s great did you only just eat 1 time or you ate several times within that hour? I am asking did you eat and then waited until you were full and them ate again within that hour? I can never get an explanation of this? Do you only eat 1 time or do you eat several times within that hour. I don’t see how it’s called one meal if you don’t eat it all at the same time

    • @lisa jones I eat lunch at about noon and then in an hour eat dessert. (Some berries with yogurt, etc keto recipes) I quit at four o’clock. I just have teas in the evening. This works for me, but everyone has their own plans.

      I’m not perfect at it either and sometime succumb once a week to eating later when family or friends are over or we’re out. I get right back on it though because I love being more slender, clear headed and feel like I’m not as insulin resistant.

  12. I needed this right now. I’m only on day 3 of KETO + OMAD and I am super hungry. So, the reminder of WHY I’m doing this is so beneficial. Thanks for the video! You keep us INSPIRED Dr. Berg!!!

  13. OMAD is the real deal! From 134lbs, now at 116lbs and this all happened in just a month. No exercise, I still eat carbs and a bit of sugar in my coffee. So happy with the result and I will continue this as a part of my lifestyle!

    • In most videos, the first hour is usually reserved to explain what this channel is about and that we should subscribe and activate the notifications. The next hour, the person explains what this video will be about. And finally the last hour is about the sponsors. It’s actually refreshing if the speaker comes right to the point.

    • Ikr, This is the first video I see from this channel and I insta subscribed just because of that! I came to the comment section just to say it and I’m glad to see that more people appreciate it.

  14. Few very important changes I found in myself through OMAD are:-
    1. It improved my mood swings, like really serious mood swings.
    2. I feel as a better person, as I think before speaking now and yes I stay calm even in the bad situations.
    3. Lost weight 💯, visible weight and inches loss.
    4. Saved money 🤑💰
    5. Saved time ⌚

    • @Leahflower one of the most useful tips that I heard fromDr Berg was to eat pecans etc after your last main meal. I eat 2800 calories a day and I’m still losing weight at a very slow rate but I don’t want ti lose anymore. Eating the fatty nuts has removed my hunger the next day and therefore I’m not feeling moody or, and I’m still baffled by it all, not in the slightest bit hungry. Miraculous.

    • Congrat’ 4 ur results ,i have two questions plz can we drink coffee and chew gum meanwhile fasting?i know it is weird 😁

    • @Leahflower Yes but if you are trying to lose weight/fat off ur body u still must be mindful of wat u eat and ur calorie intake or it will be almost a waste doing it. That’s why it doesn’t work for some. They go overboard bcuz they are thinking of the “1 hour only” period only that they can eat.

  15. Dr Eric, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, words lack my appreciation for what you have done for me. One morning I get this YouTube suggestion, to watch your video; about fasting. I have fatty liver, cancer survivor, hep c survivor and a list of other medical problems, many doctors have tried and failed to help my pain, sleeplessness, fatigue, chronic bad breath, foggy brain to no avail. I decided to listen to you and started my journey; cold turkey that day 23:1 fasting. It’s been 4 months now and I can say with tears in my eyes that YOU Dr Eric have save me from a life of misery and no hope. I have tons of energy, sleep well and my pain is 90 to 99% gone. God bless you and may God keep you in his watch every second. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you to the power of infinity.

    • Holy Heavens!! TY for sharing! I instinctively had an urge to only eat one meal a day. I have stage 4 breast cancer and just began 23hr fasting only 2 days ago. I feel more energy than ever before, already. I am grateful to hear your testimony-I don’t feel alone and you’ve given me even more faith in this sacred process of healing. 💝🥰🕉

    • I’m so happy for you and encouraged by this testimony. May God continue to bring healing in your body.

  16. I actually enjoy feeling hungry when I have one meal a day. I know it sounds weird as hell, but it’s true. Then when I do eat food it tastes so much better than when I’m eating 3 meals a day.

    • I eat at around 5pm every day.
      One whole shop roasted hot chicken. Fist full of raw spinach.
      Between 1 and 6 eggs depending on my fat pinch measurement on the fattest part of my front tummy. I measure every Sundays.
      2mm means 6 eggs with my chicken every day. 4mm means 5 eggs.. etc.
      Love feeling empty and hungry all day long 👍

    • Nice, finally I met someone like me.🖐 I’m not fat at all, but I like being hungry and think that there’s something unhealthy in being full all day long, this is why I’m on IF 8/16, may be I’ll do OMAD.

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