1 HIIT Exercise That Burns the MOST Body Fat


Learn more about HIIT, and find out what the best HIIT exercise for fat burning is.

– Introduction: HIIT for fat burning
– What are HIIT exercises?
– Why does HIIT work?
– Who shouldn’t do HIIT?
– What happens when you do HIIT
– The best HIIT exercises
– #1 HIIT exercise
– Thanks for watching!

Today, I will cover the best HIIT (high-intensity interval training) exercises for maximum fat burning.

HIIT exercises are high-intensity, short-duration exercises that produce a high spike in growth hormone and many other benefits. It also takes less time to do HIIT than other types of workouts.

Typically, when you do HIIT, you’re doing it for about 30-60 seconds and resting 1-5 minutes. You do this 3-7 times per workout, and you might only do HIIT 1-3 times per week.

Intensity is the key factor in exercise that stimulates muscle growth and growth hormone. But, if you don’t recover from the intense exercise, your results won’t be as good.

Before you do HIIT, try my test to check your ability to recover. This can help tell you if you should do HIIT exercises. The recovery period is very important to pay attention to.

You may even need to give yourself extra rest, especially when you first start out, to get your pulse rate down close to where it is in a resting state before starting another HIIT interval.

HIIT cautions:

• Don’t overtrain
• Don’t do HIIT if you have injuries
• Don’t do HIIT if you have poor recovery
• Don’t do HIIT if you have heart problems

Great HIIT exercises:

• Plyometrics
• Jump rope
• Burpees
• Kickboxing
• Spin bike
• Kettlebell
• Bulgarian bag
• Crossfit
• Cross-country skiing
• Push-ups/sit-ups
• Jumping jacks
• Mountain climbers

The best HIIT exercise:

How to sprint to burn fat:
• Sprint as fast as you can
• Sprint for a very short duration (15-30 seconds)
• Rest for 2-4 minutes
• Do 4-6 sprints in a workout
• Do this twice per week


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Thanks for watching! I hope this helps you better understand HIIT. Give this #1 HIIT exercise for fat burning a try.



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  1. I do a light jog every week around 5km and the last hill is a gradual gradient not overly steep and I use the street lights as markers and sprint for 2 and then walk for 1 catch my breathe and keep repeating until im up the hill, feels very rewarding

  2. Almost a year ago I started listening to this man, I’m down 103lbs from what I was, and it didn’t take a year, not even half that time. And I’ve been very overweight my ENTIRE 29 years alive.

    Diseases and conditions absolutely wiped out, unfortunately i still grow a shite beard…..

    You’re awesome 👌

    • That’s amazing, congrats and keep on keeping on. I’m down only 10 lbs., in a month but slowly am implemting Dr. Berg’s recommendations. I have 25 more pounds to go. My whole adult life it’s been up and down on the scale. I think this intermittent fasting has me seeing things so differnt. Now, I just have to add this HIT for overall health and good lifestyle. Again good luck in your journey, so far seems amazing.

  3. I knew it was sprints. I do this after my calisthenics workouts. Super quick and you dont need much.
    Thank you Dr Berg!
    I learned what i thought might be the case regarding letting your heart rate recover between sets of hiit. I love that you explain the biological side of everything!
    Edit* if you all want a serious sprint, just find a steep hill. Makes it even more intense!

  4. Good advice! One thing to mention is the injury rate. I’m 49 years old, running in the last 2.5 years. Most of my runs are slow, zone 2 with some longer (400m – 800m) intervals. I had injuries 2 times when had shorter sprints in my training schedule. Be careful with those full power sprints!

    • @Sarah Pulled my hamstring and calf muscle. Had to skip training for a week or two. Since then I’m more careful with the interval sessions. Even when warmed up properly it can happen.

    • @AnTalk noo so it can even happen when you warm up properly! Damn! I live a very sedentary life. I do strength training exercises but I need sprinting too. I sprinted up up my block yesterday and the whole back of my legs are so sore, I wanna do it today but I’m scared. My mom just passed away and the depression is hard. If I tear my hamstring and end up gimped up for a month I won’t survive 😔 I finally found sprinting and it makes me feel so much better health wise and mentally and now I have to worry about hurting my self fck

  5. Here are two additional tips:
    1. Do it slightly uphill. This makes it easier on the joints.
    2. Use your imagination to imagine being chased by something. This activates the subconscious mind to make your body leaner so you become faster for the next time you have to escape a threat.

  6. I do this and I’ve implemented walking and intermittent fasting + modified OMAD (2 meals a day) for minimal blood sugar spikes and the fat is pealing off thanks for all your help Dr. Berg! 🙏

  7. Sprint a block, walk a block or two, sprint a block, walk… eventually sprint further and further walking shorter… I did this on my daily 3 mile walk until I eventually was just running the whole thing with ease and incredible speed without being terribly out of breath. Starting out I could barely even walk a full mile I was so out of shape but that didnt last long at all.

  8. I’ve seen the biggest changes in my body when sprinting, squatting, and doing push ups, working out for just 20-30 mins.

    • Yes, I mountain bike, been doing it for over a year with low carb diet and I have lost a ton of weight and have turned around my NAFLD and my Dr. took me off cholestral meds.

  9. Rowing machine intervals are also phenomenal, especially if you want to reduce the impact on your knees and add better upper body muscle.

  10. I can attest to the sustained good health that comes from HIIT. As a track and field athlete in my youth, we trained by running 50 then 75 then 100 meter runs at 85 to 95% intensity and walking back in between. So explosive sprints and walking back to recover, over and over. I am 51 yrs and have a resting heart rate of 45, lean muscle tone, very low body fat. I do 20 minute HIIT with kettle bells and sculpt yoga with weights 3-4 times a week and eat low carb, healthy keto, use intermittent fasting and extended fasts a few times a year.

  11. My 20 minute HIIT workout includes burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sprinting on the spot and lots of plyometrics. It’s hard to do, but you feel great at the end and the results in the long run are so rewarding! A great video! 🌟🌟🌟

    • @Jakob Jama It depends on the overall condition of your body. If you’re injured or just starting to excercise I recommend doing more lighter or less strenuous exercises at first. Once your body has been conditioned or has experienced more difficult exercises, then doing burpees would be optimal.

      Burpees are not for everyone, but for me it has been an integral and essential part of my body weight loss and body conditioning 👍

    • I did jumping jacks and punching. Those fast continuous punches that you do anaerobically. One minute work, thirty seconds rest, times 5-10. I’m wasn’t overweight, but the 5% odd fat I wanted rid of melted within weeks.

  12. Thanks so much for the video Dr. Berg. I’ve been running all my life and I’m 66 years old and going strong. you just confirmed how valuable sprinting can be for ramping up your human growth hormones. I will take your advice to give my body more time to recover.

  13. The explanation on resting and recovery is so valuable. A lot of HIIT routines assume you are super fit already and have fairly short rests between sets and exercises, but not everyone is at the same level. When I first started HIIT, I remember not being able to finish a medium difficulty routine and having to rest more than the time recommended and thought I was unfit. Thank you for teaching these to people.

    • @Coach Claudius
      When you are starting out 1 minute recovery time can be fine if the intensity is at a medium level.
      When I used to do spiriting completely some sessions we would do a 10 second sprint followed by a 3 minute recovery so that we were fully recovered and could then repeat the sprint at the exactly same level of intensity. We would do roughly 6 to 8 sprints. Just to let you know there is no one perfect system and doing your research you can figure out what you want to achieve.

    • Exactly. I built up to 10 x sets of one minutes on, thirty seconds off. With the exercises being jumping jacks and burpees. But it took me probably six weeks to get there as a twenty-six year old. IT’s important to go as fast as you can, though, if safe to do so. Otherwise you risk doing more of a hard aerobic workout than a legitimate HIIT one.

    • Yeah… i stayed away from hiit bc it was just too hard. I recently started spinning with hiit on my own. 1 minute on and 2 minutes slowing down. I am hooked

  14. This is crazy to hear. I was in the gym yesterday and I was trying to catch my breathe because I was going hard at my workout and just felt sick and needed to rest. I was thinking about how long it takes me to rest in between some sets when my buddy doesn’t need as much. Sad thing is I took that as an indication I should stop from not feeling well but instead I just needed to rest more in between to get the gains, thanks doc

    • You clearly are not used to it and do not have the foundation in place. I would suggest starting to build up a good base to work from.
      Start with interval training rather than HIIT and build your way into it over time. Interval training is just performing an exercise and then resting or doing it at different pace such as run for a minute and then walk for a minute.

  15. Sprinting, or anything explosive. All you need is 10 to 15 minutes as for cardio. Sprinting as fast as you can or walk as fast (if you can’t sprint) as long as you can, then walk or jog and repeat. I can guarantee you will be strong in no time. I just love the fact that you don’t have to drag your cardio for 30 minutes or an hour for a better result

    • Excise bicycle is also an excellent tool for doing HIIT. For a person that is a beginner they would be best not doing HIIT but actually just doing some form or interval training or circuit training.

  16. This REALLY helped me. Once I got onto healthy keto and IF, I then added HIIT sprinting and the weight really started to drop off. I’m also getting close to OMAD and feeling great. Dr. Berg’s food and exercise recommendations have been like some “wonder drug,” in a drug-free way, of course. The mental well-being is also quite noticeable and dramatic. Merry Christmas!

  17. Great explanation of HIIT exercise, Doc. I’m going to hold off on this until I’ve lost another 15-25lbs. Down 85lbs in 37 weeks, off all meds. 62 years old, feeling like I’m in my late forties. Blood work looks darn near perfect.

    Thanks for all the great info!

    • Congratulations Steve. I would like to copy your protocol. Please share it with me. I’m 62 working to get off of blood sugar/medicine. Thanks.

    • @Movie Crazed Thanks! I stumbled a bit back in early April with a big home improvement project, some traveling plans and some feet problems that knocked me off my walking routine. But the home is put back together, the traveling is done for awhile and I’ve compensated for the feet problems by finding a cardio workout that uses my upper body muscles to get me into my target heartrate zone. I’ve got 40lbs to go to my honeymoon weight of 224lbs from 1998! I’m shooting to hit it by 12/05/22 which would have been my wife and I’s 24th anniversary. RIP Michelle Natividad Mascella.

    • @OldTymer I wouldn’t worry pal. We all stumble. I lost 45lbs and was smashing it before Covid, covid hit and I’ve literally just started again. I’ve put on about 11lbs over the last few years, so need to lose about 30lbs. Planning to lose it I’ve about 6 months. You will smash it mate.

  18. I used to sprint on grass barefooted -it pulls in many important foot muscles, make you feel like a kid and very satisfying. I’d sprint for a couple hundred yards, walk back, repeat for about 20 mins. It seemed to me that when I would do this every spring, I was so heavy in my efforts but within weeks, it became very natural and felt great. Kind of a paleo thing via Mark Sisson.

    • ​@Don Dada NYC best cardio fitness, sprint 6 large steps(14 foot?) drop 5 get ups, run backwards, run forwards, drop to floor, 4 get up stand ups, down to 1, that set is one, do 5 of those, sounds easy, but try it 😂

    • @Skribbles 😄💜  so 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and they’d one set, you have to sprint run, then it’s like burpees, drop flt to floor, into plank, jump feet to elbows, stand tall, drop to floor, do 5, then 4, 3, 2, 1 xx reverse run back,let me know how you get on, I should get back at it too 😉

  19. You’re so great at presenting and explaining concisely how and why in such an easy to understand way, it stays in my head and I remember so much more from your channel than anyone else. Thank you Dr B! 👍🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

    • So true he does not add unnecessary info or fillers or go off track and talk about other stuff…. Great teacher his kids are so lucky……

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