Why I Eat 4 Eggs Daily and WHY YOU SHOULD TOO

Once you check out these incredible benefits of eggs, you'll want to eat 4 eggs a day too! 

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Eggs Increase Your Risk of Early Death from a Heart Attack:

0:00 Introduction: Why I eat 4 eggs daily
0:27 The nutrition in eggs 
2:50 Free-range eggs vs. cage-free eggs vs. pasture-raised eggs
5:48 Egg benefits 
10:45 How do you cook an egg to maximize nutrition? 
11:34 Check out my video on the cholesterol in eggs! 

Today, I'm going to tell you why I eat four eggs a day and why you should do this too. 

The nutrition of an egg is determined by how the chicken is raised and by what it's fed. I recommend getting organic pasture-raised eggs. Getting your eggs from a farmer's market is a great idea or even raising your own chickens for eggs. 

It's important to note that I do not eat eggs for breakfast. I eat them for a late lunch because I fast breakfast. It's also important to consume the whole egg vs. only egg whites. 

Heating an egg can destroy some of the carotenoids. To maximize the nutrition of the eggs, it's great to have them poached or over-easy. If you like them scrambled, it's best to crack them inside of the pan and allow the whites to turn white before scrambling them.

If you're a small person, you may want to consume one or two eggs a day. If you're a larger person, you may want to consume three or four. 

Health benefits of eggs:
• Eggs are a great source of protein  
• Eggs contain choline 
• Eggs contain lecithin 
• Eggs have vitamin K2, vitamin D, vitamin E, and vitamin A
• Eggs are rich in omega-3 fatty acids
• Eggs are loaded with B vitamins 
• Eggs have minerals and trace minerals
• Eggs contain carotenoids 

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.





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Thanks for watching! I hope this helped explain the benefits of eggs and why you should start eating more of them.


  1. I am 31 and my dad eats eggs and bananas almost everyday. The man still has his memories in tact and can still run a bit.

  2. I’m “eggscited” to learn this! Started eating free-range local organic eggs daily about two months ago. Gave up chicken though. Brain is working again! I also eat fresh raw garlic, two cloves at breakfast as well.

  3. I am on a trial for being a pescatarian. Haven’t had meat or chicken in 2 weeks and here are the ups and downs:
    Ups: I have less inflamation in my joints, hardly any under eye puffiness(specially in the am), fat loss not weight loss. I do intense weight training 4x a week also. Less sugar cravings since I have increased my carb intake(still loosing fat)
    Downside: Low iron due to lack of red meat, a bit fatigued when it’s low and that’s why I have to take liquid iron supplements and b12 are a must, I do take vegan protein powder and eat about 4 eggs a day. Other than that I am fine(for now) so Let’s see in 3 months how my body reacts.

  4. My family had 5 chickens for about 5 years. They were the best eggs I have ever eaten, and store bought eggs are just not the same since. They also kept bugs out of our garden because they instantly ate them all.

  5. Been eating 4 eggs a day for 2 yrs now, usually first 3 eggs at 3pm, (boiled) then 30/45 min later I start my training routine, then about 15 to 20 min after training I eat one more egg. Works like a charm for me, for both building muscle as well as the sense of a full stomach. That’s aside of the nutrients you digest.

  6. Dr Berg is eating 4 eggs a day, because he has an army of hens laying them for him, left, right and center, that’s why.
    A moment of appreciation for those unsung heroes, working for our favorite, Doctor !
    Best wishes to you, all ! (including those hens)

  7. Hi Doc,
    You truly are a brilliant man and your videos are outstanding. Thank you so much for your hard work that you could bring to all your subscribers. I appreciate everything you do and I watch as much as I possibly can you truly are a genius at work…

  8. I have family in Greece. Whenever I go I always notice the egg yoke color is extremely vibrant and looks nothing like the color we see here in the states. It’s extremely orange and you can actually taste that there’s more nutrition in the yoke itself. They are raised on plant based feed and can roam their asses around and one farmer I went to was feeding them alfalfa. best frikin eggs ive ever tasted.

  9. I just had 4 eggs before I saw this! I cook over easy in grass-fed butter. I wasn’t hungry for 6 hours. Thanks Dr. Berg.

    • mmmm same way i cook em. i could eat two dozen eggs every day easy peasy especially with some bacon but i cant eat bacon every single day like eggs. eggs fried in bacon grease is just the best and i cant have my bacon without dipping it in the egg yolk

  10. A wonderful, informative, educative video about the important benefits to our health from eating eggs. Thank you Dr Berg. We enjoy eggs every day from our (really) free range eggs and their eggs taste delicious. When we have a lot of eggs we gift some out, or make egg salad. There are so many dishes that can be made from eggs.

  11. This is a great video, thanks Dr Berg. We made a sudden decision to leave the cities and settle in a rural area in NZ, so my husband retired earlier. In one year we have transformed part of our land into a mini orchard and vegetable garden. All my vegetable seeds are heirloom, so I can save seed. Our four chickens are fed good quality shop bought mixed grain pellets, but we treat them with thawed frozen corn and leftover rice. They are very fussy, and won’t eat the greens that we give them, but they are free range and roam all over our grassy areas. My I ask what kind of grain you ferment to give your chickens please? By fermenting, do you mean just soaking the grains in water for a day or do you also add a fermenting agent. I’ve seen some videos where people soak grains in water for a day, and some experts say not to feed them rye and barley. Thanks.

  12. Thank you Dr. Berg!
    I’m a 60 y/o man, and have been eating Keto/carnivore for the last 5 years. I don’t eat a lot of chicken, but eggs are a HUGE part of my diet (at least 4-5 almost every day) along with a lot of fatty meats, and some greens (broccoli, spinach, etc.). I recently had full blood work done (at the behest of my wife), and my test results were excellent. My NP couldn’t believe my cholesterol and triglycerides (which were elevated several years ago, prior to Keto) were in the good ranges that they were. I almost think she wished (or expected) them to be much higher, given my way of eating. Needless to say, I (and my wife) were very happy.

    You (and Dr. Ken Berry) have been my inspiration and guiding lights. Again, thank you so very much for your channel!

    • Why do those regular doctors aggravate me so much? They wish your body would follow what their outdated information they read in that book meant to fund the pharmaceutical industry, instead of being intrigued how your body reacted that way and inspired to actually LEARN something new.

    • @White Ghost What do you think of a high quality (and hopefully genuinely labelled!) avocado oil, such as the brand Chosen Foods? My sister gave me a big bottle of it (32 ounces, in glass). I’ve had it before, in smaller bottles (8 fluid ounces), and fried eggs with it. It seemed OK to me (for example, a more neutral taste – for cooking eggs – than coconut oil). BTW, I never really challenged the avocado oil by bringing it a very high temperature — which I’ve heard can bring out toxic compounds in some vegetable or plant based oils. I’m curious to get your take on Avocado oil in general. Thanks.

    • @Gentle Oldmoviefan I have heard avo oil is fine to cook with. i’d do more research, but from what i’ve heard it is not an oil that will turn into freeradicals once cooked.

  13. Thanks Dr. Berg! Now I consider the “Egg” question done and over with. But, what fats are best to use while preparing the eggs? Does salt add to the bad reputation egg skeptics like to bring up? Are soft boiled eggs as healthy as the other kinds? Cheers!

    • @Joequin Brown Sr Thanks. Never use any other kind of salt. I have HBP, and it always goes up after eating soft boiled eggs. But thanks! You’ve made me realize something right now. I already boil them in salted water for easier cleaning. 👍

  14. I have been eating 6 eggs every morning since 2015. A year or so ago started to have 5. The protein content was, among other things, the main motivation. Thank you for the video Dr.

  15. Dr. Berg is the modern Batman. Watching your videos changed my eating habits and improved my life. Shout out to this good man. Keep doing what you are doing. No one else out there is giving such a valuable lessons. Cheers.

  16. Dr. Berg, I went on your fasting diet and ate a lot of things you suggested. I want to thank you because no other Doctor gave me the advice that you have. I figured out I was insulin resistant from watching all your Diabetic Vids. I am type II diabetic, WAS overweight. I went from 267 down to 212 and still losing. I take a small shot of good virgin olive oil, coffee in the morning and around 12-1 I have eggs for lunch with an english muffin. Eat a sensible dinner at 6 and don’t eat till the next day, sometimes I cheat and have a little ice cream. lol. My A1C is 5.6 and my sugar in the morning ranges from 85 to 95. I went from a 40 waist down to almost a 34. All i had to do was follow your direction, in which I did and have not felt as good as I do now!! So, THANK YOU my friend…

    • I’ve just discovered him. He’s fantastic because many doctors will simply prescribe something without even mentioning nutrition. In France, we say food is the best medication.

    • @Michele You would be surprised BUT it all depends on particular Individual. For some people ice-cream can be healthier than brown rice. Check for “What is the best diet for humans? | Eran Segal | TEDxRuppin”

    • Stories like this totally dispel the bullcrap and lies people tell about Dr. Berg. He truly is amazing and knows best.

  17. Dr. Berg thank you! I love the fact that you are not limiting yourself to only taking care of you, your family and your 6.6 million patients but also animals as well and the soil. Healthy soil, healthy us!

    • @J.P. Menger I would disagree with that. It would be better said that some doctors cause the problems while there are some doctors that provide the fixing. Lumping one profession as one entity never makes sense when referring to good or bad caused by it.

    • Hello, I am 66 and have been eating eggs my entire life, I eat 2 or 3 daily, I am very healthy and full of energy. Thank God

  18. I love that my neighbor allows his chickens to “free range” onto my property and even said if I feel like cooking one he’s more than fine with it. We trade food and favors all the time. Also great pest control around my house. I love thy neighbor.

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