#1 Absolute Best Remedy for Dry and Wrinkled Hands

Lotion may actually make your hands drier. Give this remedy for dry and wrinkled hands a try instead.

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0:00 Introduction: Fix dry and wrinkled hands
0:25 Will lotion fix dry hands?
2:13 The microbiome on your skin
4:57 The pH of the skin
5:25 Focusing on what's going on internally
6:20 How to fix dry and wrinkled hands
8:00 The best dry hands remedy
11:04 Check out my video on anti-aging!

Today, I'm going to share the best remedy for dry hands. It's important to keep in mind that everything you put on your skin gets absorbed into the bloodstream and goes to the liver.

You need to make sure everything you put on your skin is safe. Many personal care products and even tap water contain chemicals that deplete vitamins and are harsh to the skin.

There are friendly (non-harmful) microbes that live on your skin, which are essential for your skin and your health. It's vital to have a healthy environment for the microbes on your skin.

Your skin's pH is acidic, and if your pH becomes more alkaline, many different problems can occur. So, it's important to make sure what you put on your skin won't mess with your skin's pH.

It's also important to focus on your diet and what's going on internally with your body to help fix different problems that are happening externally. Lowering your carbs and doing intermittent fasting is a great place to start.

How to fix dry hands:
1. Avoid things that make them dry (like petroleum-based lotions)
2. Put fat-soluble vitamins back into the hands (vitamin A, D, E, and K)
3. Don't continually kill the friendly microbes on your skin without giving them time to replenish

The best home remedy for dry hands:

1 egg yolk
1 tsp. (14g) raw honey (preferably manuka honey)
2 tbsp. (26g) extra virgin olive oil

Mix the ingredients in a bowl and apply the mixture to your hands. Leave the mixture on your hands for 20 minutes, and then wash your hands. It's best to do this two times a week, right before you go to bed.

Dr. Eric Berg DC Bio:
Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.





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Thanks for watching! Try this simple and effective remedy for dry and wrinkled hands.


  1. I really appreciate your videos! Your presentation is relaxed, on point and easily understood, but best of all … your advice works! Thank you Dr. Berg!

  2. 8:03
    1. Egg yolk – it has essential fats and vitamins + lecithin
    2. 14gr (1 tea spoon) of honey
    3. 26gr (2 tea spoons) of extra virgen olive oil
    Leave for 20 min
    Use it at most twice a week.

  3. I must say thank you for all of your tips and tricks in a healthy way. I notice my hands have improved since using glycerin and oil at night, and my overall skin is improving since taking cod liver oil. Thank you Dr, Berg

  4. Back in the 6o’s and 70’s, a lot of us did the natural thing. We make egg yolk face and hair masks, French clay face masks, honey on pimples, mashed avocado on rashes, and so on. These seem to be making a comeback. 😀

    • Mary Mah1 second ago

      I hate to report that, uber-hippie that I was at the time, none of those things worked for me. Now, that might be because even back then I suffered from immune and autoimmune disorders. But after that era, I found that the more expensive pharmaceutical and beauty products DID work for me. “Pharm” at that time is nowhere near what Big Pharma is today (thank God), and I have some of the past issues better in hand (I suppose), so I would be willing to give these kind of remedies a second chance.

  5. I am a retired physician, sick of what today’s docs have become and push, off all big pharma drugs, and watch with anticipation and appreciation…all that you do!

    • Amen to that. This is one of the best channels I have ever subscribed to. Instead of pushing all the drugs he teaches how to take care of the problem not covered up

  6. Thank you so much Dr. Berg for all your videos and information that have helped so many people. I was wondering if you could also use the protocol on your face as well. I have extremely oily skin and I hate putting moisturizer on my face because it just makes it more oily. I appreciate any feedback you can give.

    • Me too. Very oily skin my whole life. I don’t use moisturizer on face.

      Have to blot my face during day.

      You can use his treatment on your face. Prob rinse with 50/50 vinegar h20 mix to remove coconut oil.

      Can rinse your face daily with white vinegar or ACV to clear excess skin oil.

      The vinegar does not dry out my skin, but gently exfoliating.

  7. Here in New Zealand, we are blessed to have the Manuka trees, from which Manuka Honey originates. As Maori, we have many Natural Remedies either herbal or bush; as do all other Indigenous Cultures. So glad that Manuka Honey is now being used Worldwide, especially by the Medical Profession for it’s powerful effectiveness in treating skin ailments like third-degree burns. MH has a high anti-bacterial level. The letters UMF on a jar of Manuka Honey mean Unique Manuka Factor; which indicates the Honey’s POTENCY. A JAR IS EXPENSIVE BUT WELL WORTH IT! Dr Berg… Thank you for each and every one of your videos. They are valuable to the masses! Greetings and Blessings from West Auckland, NZ.

  8. Dr. Berg, if this video was made by anyone else online (including a lot of Dr.s) there would be an affiliate link to some product that doesn’t actually work. I’m so happy you are not a sellout and I encourage you to keep your videos pure from “sponsorships”. Keep up the amazing work and God Bless you and your family.

  9. Okay, tremendous difference in just three weeks! I can’t believe this, I’m so impressed with my new hands. I’ve shared this with everyone that knows me and they concur, this has been a transformation. But the cool part is that I really did notice that after day 1 there was huge difference. Thank you again, Dr. Berg. I hope that you don’t get tired of me telling you how brilliant you are🤭

  10. I have fibromyalgia and weight loss is difficult. I lost 11 lbs in July with Intermittent Fasting. Thanks to you Dr. Berg and your wealth of knowledge and expertise in explaining the complex workings of our bodies. I rebound twice a day for 20 mins and followed by a portable sit-down infrared sauna for 25 mins afterwards twice a day. It helps.

    • @Roxie Watters never give up on yourself…try changing your affirmation to “my willpower is strong and serves me well”…..and find reasons to mean it.

    • Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with others.
      Would you please let me know what brand of sit down device you use?
      There are so many on the market now, it’s not easy to find out which ones are worth the investment.
      Thank you

    • ​@Ce Farther
      Thank you for sharing this.
      In searching for this person you mentioned, Jason Fung popped up.
      Is this the person you’re referring to, and not Jason Fong?

  11. I use bee wax and olive oil, heat, apply everyday. My hands younger back to Grade 6 in school 🏫 Dr. Berg, your suggestions are so powerful! Thank you for your efforts!

    • I wash frequently amd empathize with you but surprised the medical professionals still use alcohol and antibacterial gels and antibacterial soaps that dry skin..break down skin..cause sores and allow introduction of bacteria when science has proven that plain soap and water work just as well and do not compromise the skin. I have worked in kindergarten classes where misinformed germophobic teachers force small children to apply large amounts of antibacterial gel to their hands up to 8 times a day. This was long before covid. Asking them to wash with soap and water at sink after bathroom and before meals is all they need. Those kids also absorbed all that alcohol into their little bodies all day everyday through their skin and mouth since their hands are in mouth a lot..that cannot be good.

  12. Great job on this topic Dr. Berg. I appreciate the new information. I’m going to try it as you mentioned, twice a week. Also love your quick, lightly humorous comment regarding “The microbes are not on the Keto diet”. Love your personality coming through more now. Relaxed, confident and funny… Good on ya. Happy to see your evolution over the years.

  13. My grandmother used this recipe all the time. She also used to apply to her neck/cleavage area too. I love it and is so easy to make.

  14. I don’t have enough words to thank you Dr Berg 🙏🏻…. It’s showing the effects from the first use itself 👍🏼👍🏼

  15. 7:35 vitamins
    8:05 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp (14 g) raw honey (preferably manuka honey), 2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil, mix well and apply to hands for 20 min. Then rinse off. Best time before bedtime. Only twice a week.

    • There are ingredients missing: Collene and Lecithin, Dr Berg did not say how much you use of those? Anybody knows?

    • @Armichi Wellness That’s amazing, do you still spray your hands with lemon juice or vinegar? How does it really help? So cool. Then do you put lotion after?

  16. Today after 237 days in my weight loss journey I hit the 100lb loss mark. Thanks for all of your great information! I couldn’t have done it without this channel. Update I’m currently down 117 lbs 301 days in.

    Today is day 365 and I made it to 129.2 pounds lost. Keep grinding friends!

  17. I forgot to mention to put each hand in plastic bags (Karen, my wife used plastic sandwich bags) for the 20 minutes or it can get quite messy if you are on your computer::)). You should see a good amount of the material gets absorbed. The fat-soluble vitamins are the secret.

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