The Only Carb that Does Not Spike Insulin


Carbs are the primary cause of high insulin—but there’s one type of carbohydrate that doesn’t spike insulin! Watch to learn more.

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0:25 The only carb that does not spike insulin
1:10 The best sources of fiber
1:57 The benefits of eating fiber-rich vegetables on Healthy Keto
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In this video, we’re going to talk about the only carb that doesn’t influence insulin.

The only carbohydrate that doesn’t influence insulin is fiber.

The problem is, fiber-rich foods often have high carbs that do influence insulin. This includes bread, pasta, cereal, crackers, potatoes, and rice.

Pure fat does not trigger insulin. However, carbs and excessive amounts of protein will.

The best sources of fiber are non-starchy vegetables.

On Healthy Keto, you want to keep your carbs under 30 grams per day. However, you do not need to count your carbs when you’re eating leafy green vegetables on keto—they contain enough fiber that the net carbs are insignificant.

I always say that 7 to 10 cups of vegetables per day is ideal on Healthy Keto. If you have a gut issue that causes bloating, this may not be possible.

Consuming vegetables on keto will help supply crucial nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, and phytonutrients.

Vegetables also supply your gut with fiber, which feeds your gut microbes. A healthy gut microbiome is important for lessening insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is the primary cause of weight gain and the inability to lose weight.

In summary, you want to consume plenty of non-starchy vegetables on Healthy Keto. This is because vegetables are rich in fiber, which is the only carbohydrate that doesn’t spike your insulin. Fiber also feeds the microbes that help restore insulin sensitivity.

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Dr. Berg, age 57, is a chiropractor who specializes in Healthy Ketosis & Intermittent Fasting. He is the author of the best-selling book The Healthy Keto Plan, and is the Director of Dr. Berg Nutritionals. He no longer practices, but focuses on health education through social media.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain why fiber is the only carbohydrate that doesn’t spike insulin. I’ll see you in the next video.


  1. 49yo male..I have had great improvements to my lifestyle and health with all of the information from this channel. Jan. 25th, at 230lbs, I started a 72 hr fast to kickoff my OMAD schedule. Today(3-19-23), I’m at 203lbs. Lots of greens, vibrant veggies and 3-4oz of lean protein, very little bread of any kind and very little starches. I’m not starving myself and I do allow myself one cheat day per week. My energy level is as good as it was in my late twenty’s, I sleep far better, and since I’m omad(which is my dinner mealtime), I just work through my lunch hour rather than just sit there. But, I have contemplated bringing my bike to work to ride around campus during that time. Thank you for this awakening Dr. Berg!

  2. I am currently on my fast, tomorrow morning at 430 am I will be at 3 days! I just dove right in for 3 days to max out the benefits for my first time. Watching your informative videos on how sugars, carbs and insulin all affect our bodies has reinforced my own belief that too much sugar, starch and carbs are a nightmare to our bodies (having some health issues myself). During my first day, yes, I felt hungry, yes, I felt a headache, but I knew it was the body dumping all that sugar. I pushed through all that and then realized how amazing the human body is… I’m just at my 3rd day and have barely even felt hungry, tired, fatigued, moody, nothing negative!! I’ve never felt more awake and alert!! NO COFFEE NEEDED!! I seriously feel the best I’ve ever felt, period. Our digestive systems need to rest and heal!!! Imagining 3 meals a day now is mind blowing to how BAD we abuse our systems! I will be trying a one meal a day for a week and see how it goes. Nothing but greens and healthy proteins, being vegan, definitely no meats for me. I hope others will find this life changing way of fasting to become at least a consideration in their minds. Try just one day… you’ll be blown away (after pushing through the discomfort) how amazing you will feel the next morning. LET OUR BODIES DUMP ALL THAT CRAP OUT THAT THEY FEED US!! LET’S STOP KILLING OURSELVES WITH FOOD!! I wish everyone to have a happy and healthy life! It all starts with our eating habits and lifestyles.

    No wonder the snack/health industries don’t like you. They’ll lose profits. I say good. Poisoning and killing people and making them sick for profits is SICKENING AND INHUMANE!! STOP THE MADNESS!!

  3. I was recently in the ER with a kidney stone and I was in such pain that I had to admit to my wife that I needed a change to my life. I looked for information on how to change and came upon your videos and I am learning and making some choices cause I have lived 59 years making bad choices. I used to work out 6days a week but ate terrible cause I was strong as an ox and the muscles covered the fact that I was never healthy. You are helping me to understand what my body needs and to think before I shove the food in my mouth! Thank you for these videos and not having an attitude of arrogance about your knowledge.

  4. I started a 16 week fitness challenge mid Feb this year. By mid June I had dropped 30 lbs, working out and lowering carb intake. Then it happened, I hit the dreaded plateau. Lots of people in my gym told me about Dr. Berg and most were doing Intermittent Fasting. I thought they were crazy but thought I’d give it a try. I watched many of Dr. Bergs videos and began my fast on a Sunday. The first day was hard because I was trained to eat more small meals thru the day. When I got up after the first day of fasting to weigh myself, I said if the scale doesnt move, Im done. Guess what, I dropped 3lbs in the first day. The first week I did keto and did the 16:8 fast. I dropped 7 lbs the first week. The second week another 4lbs came off. The third week I extended the fast to 19 hours and another 4 lbs came off. I have struggled with RA and inflammation for the last 12 years. I have not looked or felt this good in years. Thank you Dr. Berg for showing me a new way of life. I watch the videos faithfully and learn something each time. This is a life changing experience!! At 64 years old, I will finally hit my ideal goal weight!!

  5. I’m Nafisa from Nigeria. I’m 20 years old and I used to have cystic acne until I watched your video about how insulin and hormones affect acne and now, my acne is gone! I had to reduce my carb intake, cut down on sugar and dairy. Thanks to you

  6. Dr Berg you are the best. 15 kg down in 3 months. Going strong and feeling great at 69! No medication no problem the envy of my contemporaries. Bless you for all your hard work to keep us hopefully happy and healthy!

  7. My daughter was experiencing problems with too much acne, and we watched one of Dr. Berg’s videos on acne, followed his recommendations, and she was much, much better. I have recommended your videos to countless people. Thank God for Dr. Berg!

    • Hey im 17 and i get really sleepy, tired, fatigue, low energy, low stamina after i drink protein shake im really skinny i need some weight on me im 6ft 135lb 😕

      This the list of recipe in my protein shake:
      2 table spoon peanut butter
      Whole milk 200 calories
      Molasses 1 table spoon
      1 banana
      20 grams of collagen peptides

      I don’t work out so I don’t know if its thats why im sleepy after drinking protein shake someone please help me recommend me other healthy ways i can gain weight

    • @Tasia M Not all case of acne, my mother haa diabetes and she has a very flawless face. There’s no one size fits all, it always depends on your body condition.

    • @Persia Gil I did not say everyone with diabetes have acne. Bad acne is one of the tell-tale signs that one will have diabetes in the future.

  8. My husband, age 79, started smart keto and intermittent fasting first week of 2022. As of March 29, he is down 16 lbs, doing one meal a day, has lots of energy, sleeps well, and had best medical checkup ever.
    Thanks Dr Berg! We plan on keeping it up!

    • @Maribel Flores – Its cutting total (daily) *net carb* intake to below 40 grams.
      Eat all the eggs, butter, meats poultry’s you want. The ‘good’ fruits are raspberry’s, blackberrys, blueberrys, & strawberry’s.
      Avoid root veggies such as potatoes, carrot’s, sweeto potatoes.
      Think the ABC’s when buying fresh produce:
      A – Asparagus & Avacado
      B – Broccoli, green beans, brussel sprouts, bell peppers.
      C – MANY! Cauliflower, cabbage, celery, cucumbers, (no corn)!
      The others are lettuce (and romaine), spinach, zucchini, kale and tomatoes.
      – Net Carbs – They’re listed on the back of any packaged item you buy.
      See whats stated on the back and subtract the amount of fiber from it. Fiber is also listed on the back packaging.
      That will give you Net Carb input! Fairly easy.
      – For bread, I eat french toast every other day, but only with SOLA bread. They’re only 3 net carbs a slice. Sola bread is also great for sandwiches and buttered-up morning toast.
      Hope this helps as I see a commenter below, was rude in replying.

  9. Hands down the most comprehensive, easy to understand presentations promoting good health and healthful lifestyles on the internet. Keep them coming Dr. Berg, you’re videos are a major catalyst for educating and encouraging people to improve their overall quality of life. Invaluable contributions!! 🙏🙏🙏

    • Hello. Glad to know that you liked this video by Dr. Berg. Thank you for the comment.

      -Dr. Berg’s Support Team

  10. I have been intermittent fasting (18/6) for 3yrs 4mo. I feel better. Have my weight under control. Have reduced my cholesterol to healthy limits. I exercise every day. I am completely thankful for your input via youtube videos. Very helpful and encouraging. thank you, Dr Berg

    • Great job. What’s your diet like? Any restrictions? I’ve been doing IF 16/8 for a month and haven’t dropped a pound.

  11. I was 350 in mid of January this year I’m down to 304 in 5 weeks I started out doing 24 hr and omad then went to 48 hour and omad my blood gluclose was 389 dropped to under 100 I hope I can continue with this journey Thank to you Doc.

    • @Slime4kt Jay the oatmeal, molasses, milk and banana are full of carbs which turns into glucose. Try a smoothie with just 1 frozen banana, 2 cups of kale, 1 tablespoon of peanut butter, 6 tablespoons of heavy cream, collagen powder, water and some chia seeds. What you want to do is let the banana sweeten the smoothie so your carb count can stay low!

    • Congratulations the weightloss I understand but the rest is pig Latin to me. I’m here trying to understand a little more. But I fully understand and have been where you are at. I’m in this race as well

  12. Thank you Doctor Berg.. I actually caught Covid 19 about 5 months ago. I am now dealing with the long after effects, particularly in my nervous system. A few examples of what I go through is blurred vision, extreme sensitivity to light or loud sounds, terrible headaches, neck aches, etc.. I decided to put myself into ketosis to reduce inflammation plus also I read that ketones help to heal nerve cells, (please correct me if I’m wrong) anyway long story short, being in Ketosis or at least mild ketosis has greatly reduced my long covid symptoms. I wonder if anyone else has tried this?? Thank You for your extremely informative videos to help me along my healing path! -Henry

  13. Hello… I have been studying diabetes for several years as doctors in England don’t seem to have any idea about the relationship between diabetes and insolin resistance. I was told by a diabetic nurse that i should not fast! That’s when I started following online doctors and have learnt so much. I have been fasting and doing exercise for the last 2 years and have lost 2 stone in weight and my blood sugars are slowly getting better. I want to thank all the u tube doctors for their help and I hope you will all keep giving us help. Here in the UK our doctors have all but disappeared and we can only get telephone appointments. The last time I managed to get an appoint on the phone with a doctor I had to wait for 2 weeks. I didn’t get a single diabetic check up throughout the covid pandemic last year. Not even a blood test to check my A1C. I am so greatful for all the help and advice I have found online.

  14. Been on a strict Keto for 5 months, and I’m down 42 pounds and feeling way better. Dr Berg has inspired me along the way.

  15. I’ve always been naturally ‘slim’, but from my late 30’s there’s been this persistent bit of belly fat, not so noticeable to other people but still there. Now with all of the great advice in Dr. Berg’s videos about proper eating, I finally have a proper chance of rebuilding muscle tone in my 40’s. Cheers from South Africa, doc!

  16. At the end of may I found out that I had high blood pressure, a heart condition, fat liver, A1C 5.7, and Triglycerides 557.
    I fortunately I found your videos online, I followed what you said. I started fasting and keto. It’s been 4 months now and I lost 22 pounds. My blood pressure got lower, and 2 months ago they said my heart is normal now. I belive all the night numbers are lowering. I really appreciate your videos. Thank you so much Dr.Berg

    • @Umayaswell callMEjesus , obese people are the largest proportion who have fatty livers…and yes…some slender people can have fatty livers…but around 7 percent of those with fatty livers are this way…and I agree it really makes a difference what you eat. Most people with high numbers are obese.

    • @TECHNICAL MOTU 😎 You refrain from putting food in your mouth 🤣 Couldn’t resist! Just playing

    • I’m certain s(he)’s continuing to practice fasting and keto diet, hence, the “…numbers are lowering.”

    • Hey im 17 and i get really sleepy, tired, fatigue, low energy, low stamina after i drink protein shake im really skinny i need some weight on me im 6ft 135lb 😕

      This the list of recipe in my protein shake:
      2 table spoon peanut butter
      Whole milk 200 calories
      Molasses 1 table spoon
      1 banana
      20 grams of collagen peptides

      I don’t work out so I don’t know if its thats why im sleepy after drinking protein shake someone please help me recommend me other healthy ways i can gain weight

    • You might be tired after your shake because of the high carb and sugar content in the oats, banana and molasses. That kind of thing makes a lot of people spike and then crash, get sleepy. Also, have your doctor do some checking to see if there is a reason that you are young, slender, and tired that might be addressed.

  17. I’m 42, I’ve always had trouble losing more than 20 lbs but since watching doc bergs videos I’m down 30 lbs in 3 months and never felt better. This guy giving us all his info and knowledge for free is awesome.

  18. Down from 305 to 215….and counting. Goal: 155-165. This works! I feel great. I was a sugar addict since childhood. I come from a family of food pushers from the southern culture. This is not a diet but rather a keto lifestyle that I am going to implement the rest of my life.

    • Hey im 17 and i get really sleepy, tired, fatigue, low energy, low stamina after i drink protein shake im really skinny i need some weight on me im 6ft 135lb 😕

      This the list of recipe in my protein shake:
      2 table spoon peanut butter
      Whole milk 200 calories
      Molasses 1 table spoon
      1 banana
      20 grams of collagen peptides

      I don’t work out so I don’t know if its thats why im sleepy after drinking protein shake someone please help me recommend me other healthy ways i can gain weight

  19. Ok let’s be honest how many of us was waiting for information about a carb we could eat with our meals? And was completely brought back down to earth when your heard fiber….lol

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