Left Side Abdominal Pain Under Ribs – Causes & Remedies Covered by Dr. Berg


Experiencing left side abdominal pain under your ribs? Try these remedies!

In this video, we’re going to talk about left side abdominal pain under your ribs. I’ve talked a lot about right side abdominal pain, but what if you’re having a problem on your left side?

On the left side, you have your pancreas. Your pancreas produces the enzyme called lipase. Lipase helps break down fats.

If you have a gallstone stuck in your bile ducts, it can cause pressure to build up in your pancreas. This is because your bile ducts and pancreatic ducts join.

When the enzymes cannot leave the pancreas, they begin breaking down the pancreas tissue, which causes inflammation and pain.

Keep in mind that pancreatitis is often caused by alcohol or gallstones. However, 40% of the time, there’s an idiopathic cause—this means that there’s an unknown cause.

Further research uncovers that biliary sludge can contribute to pancreatitis. This is kind of a pre-gallstone, where you have bile sludge that blocks the bile ducts. Bile sludge is difficult to detect on a CAT, MRI, or ultrasound.

Bile sludge is concentrated cholesterol crystals. This does not come from having high cholesterol or consuming too much dietary cholesterol. It comes from having a lack of bile.

You need bile to break down cholesterol and keep it thinned. When you lack bile, your risk for gallstones and biliary sludge increases.

The best way to improve this situation is to increase your bile. There are several ways to increase your bile:
1. Lower your carbs
2. Fast
3. Lower your grains
4. Cut out vegetable oils
5. Cut out nut butters
6. Cut out alcohol
7. Stay away from corn
8. Take purified bile salts on an empty stomach (AM and PM)

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Thanks for watching. I hope these remedies help you with your left side abdominal pain under your ribs. I’ll see you in the next video.


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  1. OMGGGG, i went through so many tests trying to figure this out. Stopped having it once I started a low carb diet, and before i knew about you. Had no idea about the connection. I Started eating more carbs lately, guess what flares up? Thank you, we, the people who watch listen and learn from you, cannot thank you enough. 🙏🏼❤

  2. Got this exact pain on my birthday. Super stressful…. but pain finally went away today 💃
    3 days of intermittent fasting, healthy keto and some supplements. I also stopped coffee 😭.. just for a while. Thanks for this info it honestly saved me time heading to the doctor and falling into that rabbit hole.

  3. Thank you so much dr Berg I have struggled with this for years had numerous CT and MRIs scans and blood tests, nothing showed! I was in so much pain felt like burning some times sweaty and nauseous. Thank you so much for explaining this so well you are absolutely incredible 👍🏻🎉

    • Did your burning get better? I’ve been dealing with that burning feeling for the past years. I’ve had CTs, colonoscopy. Nothing showed☹️

    • @Aicha Taby i am trying the Alkaline diet to see if i can get better but I’ve doing the alkaline for almost 2 months now. I still have the burning sensation even after i eat fruits. I dont know what to do now.

  4. Hi Dr.Berg,just wanted you to know how greatful I am. You have been such a great help in educating me and enlightening me on every concern that I may have on every condition I may be dealing with pertaining to health.. you explain better than my doctor actually,😊 truly appreciate…. sending you my warmest hug .even if I am on the other side of the globe😊

  5. I use to get this so bad that I could barely function for a few minutes while it happened. I started intermittent fasting and have been drinking acv and fresh lemon juice at night. Hasn’t happened since March. Thanks!

    • Ah OK, I’ve had this pain in the past briefly but it reappeared a week ago. It seems to be worse on waking in the morning. My instinct has been warm water with lemon juice. I might try that in the evening also then.

    • ​@Moon Beam ACV = apple cider vinegar. If you can get a raw organic one, that’s better. If you’re in the UK, Sainsburys & Waitrose normally have it along with the other vinegars.

    • @Aaron Kightley hey same thing here please guide me.i feel stomach pain in left area and then reduced apetite sadness gallstones and doctor gv me anti depressent

    • @Noorjahan Khan I’m struggling more now than ever. Nearly 4 years I’ve had the same pain. Hospital says I’m fine, doctors say I’m depressed.. I wish I could help.

  6. Thank you so very much. A while back I had such pain, went to GP, did some scans, but all came up clear for gallstones. The ‘biliary sludge’ now makes a lot of sense in hindsight as at the time my diet and chronic stress were off the planet. Very grateful for this info.

  7. I’ve been having this particular pain for a while now. Thank you so much for explaining it! And how to fix it!

  8. I’ve had this for years now and last year ended up with pancreatitis because of it. Thank you for shedding light on this issue. Trying to lower my carbs and purchasing the salts now.

  9. Been suffering with this horrible pain for 10 years! You’re right, ultrasound & MRI don’t show anything. You are a lifesaver! Now I have something to work with!

  10. I have had this issue for a few years now. Since the beginning of this year, I have cut my sugar and alcohol intake by 95%. I can tell you that this does work. I haven’t had any of this pain in months.

  11. No way, no way that you just posted this. I’ve been looking for explanation videos about what I’ve been feeling and trying to understand the pain. This helps tremendously and also gives me the tool to try and heal myself. Thanks Doc!!

  12. Dr Berg! Words cannot Express enough gratitude! I’ve had these symptoms off and on for a year, after eating higher fats or protien. I’ve even had to go to the ER a few times from the pain, without any answers from professionals. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU🙏🙏😇😇

  13. I’m 27 an have a constant feeling of pressure (not pain) in that area. It always feel like I have gas and I’ve been freaking out about it for months. This made me feel a little better.

  14. You are a true gem, Dr. Berg. This video is very useful bcz I’ve been clueless as to the occasional pain in that part of my stomach. That you always include remedies for the ailment is priceless. Thank you. ❤️

  15. This video alone puts a quarter of the big pharma/medical/surgery out of business. Thanks Dr. Berg for telling the truth about how our bodies work instead of looking at them as a battlefield for chemical drugs.

  16. I really like how you were able to gather the facts with the ‘what’ and ‘why’ and coupled with your sketch of basic anatomy brought it perfectly into focus and understanding to either a patient or student. As a nurse I find it can be challenging to explain that type of information so clearly and concisely.

  17. This is why I ultimately became an herbalist. When I had this pain and went to several doctors about it, all of them just wanted to give me pain pills. I wanted to know WHY I had the pain. On my own, I cleaned up my diet and ate less GMOs and then the pain was gone. I started doing my own research – which led to me eventually taking courses on herbalism. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I had just taken the pain meds the doctors wanted me to take.

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