8 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Sauerkraut


8 Reasons Why You Should Eat More Sauerkraut

If you don’t consume sauerkraut, you may want to start.

Today we’re going to talk about sauerkraut and different sauerkraut benefits. Cabbage, in general, is really good for anything with the gut.

What is sauerkraut?
Sauerkraut is basically fermented cabbage. It’s a combination of prebiotic fiber and probiotic bacteria.

When NOT to consume sauerkraut:
• If you have SIBO

8 reasons to eat more sauerkraut:

1. Enhanced nutrient availability
2. Reduced gas production
3. Increase in acetylcholine
4. Increase in lactic acid
5. Spike in vitamin C
6. Spike in vitamin K2
7. Immune support
8. Spike vitamin U

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  1. I just started eating Sauerkraut, and within a week I feel much ‘lighter’. I always thought it tasted awful, but tastes just like pickles. Great info, eat it!! Easy to make, very inexpensive, and the benefits are amazing.

  2. When I was a little girl I was helping my mom to make sauerkraut. During winter times, we didn’t have that many fresh vegetables so sauerkraut was a stable at our house. During summer, we would make dill pickles in brine. Love it to this day. Take care of your body and feed it with the best food possible.

  3. I am introducing sauerkraut into my diet. My symptoms lately have led me to see my gut could use some love. It’s time to give my body an advantage. Thanks, doc.

  4. Spot on about raw cabbage helping to heal stomach ulcers. I’ve been touting this for many years. It simply works.
    Thank you Doctor for your knowledge and sharing with all.
    Everyone take care and know there are better ways to maintain health and you do have a choice.

  5. Sauerkraut is truly a powerhouse of energy. I do two spoon fulls in the am with eggs and
    its an incredible energy booster.

  6. Hi Dr. Berg, I would appreciate if you would also mention that, what you say applies to unpasteurized sauerkraut and not to pasteurized or cooked sauerkraut. I do make my own sauerkraut in jars and it’s really easy to make I add 10 grams of Himalayan salt to each kg of raw cabbage. Its also very good for people who suffer from constipation.

  7. My parents came from a pretty solid German family even though they’ve been in America for several generations.
    My Mom was a good cook but she basically cooked what her and my Father liked. So me being born I 1946 I got see and eat it all during my younger years. Those were the days that if you didn’t eat what was put on the table then you got hungry.
    I remember just once not liking what was cooked by my Mom and later on my Father warned me that if either of us hurt Mom’s feelings it wouldn’t work out well for everyone in the house. So I might not have liked some of the things that were served but I ate them just to keep Mom happy and to this day I still eat some of those same dishes that I didn’t like when I was a kid.

  8. grandparents grew up during the great depression. They always had saurkraut or potatoes. They lived past a lot of doctors expectations and foods like this is proof that eating healthy is great for you at the end of your life cycle.

  9. Thank you Dr Berg, you’re such a good Dr, I refer many of my clients to you.. you deserve the Noble Prize for how many people you have helped with your knowledge. You are so appreciated 🙏

  10. I started making sauerkraut last year and keep a jar in the refrigerator. I need the extra salt so it’s also beneficial in that way, and helps with digestion. Have been using different seeds to mix it up and thinking about adding some carrots and ginger too.

    • @Mccx Cccx I need extra salt or I will get muscle cramps. Salt is one of the electrolyte minerals needed for muscles and the heart. I also get overheated easily in the summer if I don’t have extra salt before I mow. I drink pickle juice before mowing and each time I come to take a break and drink water . Apparently I don’t consume too much salt if I need more to prevent those symptoms. I think it may be an adrenal issue.

  11. Thank u Doctor Berg. I was diagnosed with mild ulcerative colitis this year and I never heard so much good news in just 5 min 🙏 ill def give this food a try

  12. I had difficulty sleeping due to digestive issues for about a year (possibly SIBO) and used intermittent fasting to give the gallbladder a chance to produce bile for cleansing the small intestine, as Dr Berg suggested. More recently as conditions improved I introduced sauerkraut into my daily diet and feel that it’s helping produce healthier bowel movements. Great video!

  13. Being a “Kraut”, I always have loved Sauerkraut. There is also a German fermented (or pickled) red cabbage dish that is sweet ( added sugar) and it is called “Rot Kohl” (Red Cabbage) . Just like Sauerkraut it can be served warm or cold.
    When I was young , my Korean friends introduced me to Kimchi ( KimChee). Kimchi is fermented cabbage with spicy Korean peppers. All 3 of these cabbage dishes are awesome.

  14. I started making sauerkraut at home, it’s so easy! thank you Dr. Eric for a great summary on the advantages and disadvantages of sauerkraut

    • @ABC My Dad made sauerkraut every fall. Had a good size crock along with a manual cabbage slicer which went over the crock. Would slice a couple inches of cabbage then sprinkle with salt and every once in a while would punch down. Continue until about 8″ from top. Punch down put a good size round dish on top and cover with clean clothe over top. Keep eye on it and remove sort of gooey stuff that rises to the top. Don’t remember how long it took at least several weeks maybe more. It was the best because had a little less salt than store bought and was delicious. Often had leg of lamb mashed potatoes and sauerkraut for Sunday Dinner.

    • @Sonia Bouchard …bunch of recipes online, but it’s basically just cabbage and salt. You massage the cabbage and salt for about 5 minutes, then stuff it in a jar and include all the juices. If you have to, you add some extra brine to make sure it’s all submerged , and let it ferment for 1 to 4 weeks (taste preference). If you discover that the top was not fully submerged, carefully remove that part and toss it. It’s not dangerous, but it’s not good either.

  15. I’m Russian and sauerkraut isn’t a problem for me, it’s my favorite type of “salad” on keto diet. And it’s very useful for health.

    • @Cheryl Gibbons I make Fermented Sauerkraut…slice cabbage
      …sprinkle Sea Salt over sliced cabbage…about a teaspoon at a time…
      Now squeeze the cabbage wuth your hands…
      Smash the cabbage with a wooden spoon…thus makes the brine (water) come out the cabbage
      .taste the brine (water) that comes out from squeezing the cabbage….will taste salty…not too salty….
      Place cabbage into a glass bottle
      Push cabbage down so brine is over the cabbage…no air in the cabbage
      Close bottle with a lid
      Every day…remove lid…press cabbage down to remove any air bubbles…..make sure brine covers cabbage…
      If not enough brine…then make some …mix a bit of Sea Salt into filtered water….pour this over cabbage…
      Check daily….after about 3 or more days ….taste a piece of cabbage…it should taste sauer….hence the name Sauerkraut…Saur Cabbage
      When you like the taste…place into fridge…
      The brine is good to drink for ulcers…food poisoning…indigestion
      Lasts for months….
      NO SUGAR OR VINEGAR….IF YOU COOK IT…YOU KILL IT…..so do not pressurise or can it like in the shops..
      Enjoy from Sunny South Africa🌞

  16. My friend asked me “what happened? You lost your weight and you look so good” I said “just listen to professionals, and dr. Berg is one of the best” I started to love my body my feelings. I eat eggs and vegetables and nuts, avocado all those nutrients which dr. Berg recommended. Im not soo dependent on carbs NOW (which I had eaten so much and my face had been always puffy and I felt tired before I started watching his videos.) And yes, I eat for example boiled potatoes and rice but not that much. And with the time being I feel that I don’t feel hungry. Intermittent fasting makes wonder to the body. I would like to recommend his books they are awesome. Dr. Berg is the best! Wish you all live healthy and healthy. 👍🙏😘

  17. Have eaten a forkful of sauerkraut every day for the last year & a half. I’ve Have had no common cold or any flu or sickness ever since. (Thank you Dr. Berg!!)

  18. Growing up in 80’s Czechoslovakia this was (and is till this day) people’s favourite Vit C dose. You were are tought at school that Vit C doesn’t get purer or better than this. Summer activity with your nan 😊to shred & fill a 60 – 70 liter ceramic pot with cabbage & caraway seeds, salt etc so its readily available through the winter, until next summer.
    We eat it raw with meats, potatoes etc. And I love it.
    Fact (according to old school teachers) – sailors, discoverers used to take a huge barrel of sauerkraut with them on their voyages to prevent them getting Scurvy – disease caused by lack of Vit C.

    • My grandparents came from Czechoslovakia & my Mom would always make Halupki just about every month & especially when her relatives came over.. I never liked the cabbage so I ate the meat & rice inside! As I got older I started eating the cabbage too.. she also made her uncle’s recipe of Halusky with potato dumplings & would use sauerkraut & onions.. always like that one best! Looks like it’s back to my roots with sauerkraut for me!

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